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Questions and answers about real estate & real estate agents

What is a sole brokerage contract?

In the case of a sole brokerage contract, a single broker takes over the marketing of your property. The advantage for you: an individual marketing concept and the highest level of commitment. You can find detailed information on the sole brokerage page.

Can I also commission several brokers at the same time?

Yes of course. In our experience, however, this approach does not pay off for the owners.

Multiple commissioning can increase the number of people who pay attention to your property. On the other hand, you can, of course, unsettle interested parties due to partially different dates and prices. In addition, the risk increases that the commissioned broker will take up the property but not market it with commitment, as there is no guarantee that they will also receive a commission if you cannot prove that they have made the buyer aware of the property.

Why do I, as an interested party, receive cancellation instructions even though I have not signed a brokerage contract?

In the case of inquiries by phone, e-mail, via our homepage or a real estate portal, a so-called distance contract is automatically created. In this case, we are legally obliged to inform you of your right of withdrawal. With the conclusion of a distance contract there are no costs. A commission is of course only due if a successful placement has taken place

Why hire a broker?

Selling real estate costs a lot of time and energy. In most cases, you will be able to realize a higher purchase price and / or quick marketing, i.e. a better result, through a professional real estate agent.
Before commissioning, always make sure that the real estate agent has a good education and sufficient experience.

Do I need an energy certificate and where can I get it?

Since May 1st 2014 it has been a legal requirement to have a valid energy certificate and to be able to present it if you want to sell or rent a property. Exceptions essentially apply to objects that are under monument protection for which no energy certificate is required.

An architect, a civil engineer or a real estate agent can create an energy performance certificate for you. In the case of multi-family houses, it is best to contact the property management; they should provide you with the document. It is also possible to apply for an energy performance certificate directly via the Internet, although some data and a certain amount of prior knowledge are advantageous.

What is the ordering principle?

The ordering principle came into force on June 1st, 2015 and applies to the rental of residential properties. It says that whoever hires the real estate agent also has to pay them.

So if a property owner wants to let a real estate agent rent out his property, he has to pay them for his service. It is not possible to allocate the costs to the tenant. If, on the other hand, a prospective tenant hires a real estate agent to find a suitable apartment, he has to pay for it.

What does the new regulation on the distribution of brokerage costs include?

On December 23 In 2020, the new legal regulation on the distribution of brokerage costs came into force. The aim of the legislature is to relieve buyers of single-family houses and condominiums (does not apply to multi-family houses and commercial properties) with the incidental acquisition costs. Buyer's and seller's commission are mutually limited by the statutory regulation. When buying and selling real estate, there will in future be three different models according to which the commission can be regulated.

First model: the seller concludes a brokerage contract with the broker. In it you also determine the amount of the commission to be paid if the single-family house or the condominium is sold. A brokerage agreement is also concluded with the potential buyers. No other amount of commission can be agreed with the buyers than with the seller. The commission share must be identical.

Second model: Another possibility includes only concluding a brokerage contract with the seller, so that the broker is the sole representative of the seller's interests. However, since the buyer also has an advantage from the broker's service, the broker can undertake to take over part of the commission. The amount of the share is limited by law to a maximum of 50%. The buyer only has to do this if he has agreed to do so and the seller or broker has proven that the seller's share has been paid.

Third model: There is also the possibility that the seller pays the commission alone, without the buyer participating. In this case, too, the broker is a unilateral representative of the seller's interests.

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