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Immobilienmakler AS Immobilien Wiesbaden Verkauf Vermietung von Immobilien Bewertung Haus Kauf Verkauf Wohnung Eigentumswohnung TOP Makler real estate agent; Empfehlung; Skyline Frankfurt

contact form

If you know a property that is to be sold or rented, register your contact details and provide us the name and contact details of the owner / landlord.

If a property has been successfully acquired for sale or rental, we would like to thank you with a commission.

If your lead leads to a brokerage contract with the owner and a successful sale, you will receive a premium of up to € 5000, depending on the sales price of the property.

Call us or send us an
email - we look forward to hearing from you!

AS Immobilien

Am Gänsberg 28

65207 Wiesbaden

Tel .: +49-157-79570808




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